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My Drawings

Bastards (TBC)
The Bastards Club (TBC)
Sweet Dead Angel (TBC)
La jeune fille et la mort (Reinterpretation)

Inspired on the painting by Henry Lévy

Frame Remake (SunLight)
Design sheet 2 (TBC)
Design sheet (TBC)
Who? (FTS)
Izel (OC)
Prince Of Hell (OC)
Miamor (OC)
Comission for @Awaxa68
Act 2 (FTS)
Aurora (FTS)

Inspired on the story by Bttrcoup

Trains (OC)
One day after school (FTS)
My Friend Pedro

Inspired on the VideoGame by DeadToastEntertainment

Bill and Phillip(FTS)
A Date Evening (OC)

Inspired on the story by Saturn-Silves

Cyberpunk 2077's Night City Contest Submission

Inspired on the game by CD PROJEKT RED

Dr.Jackson (OC)
Therefore I am

Inspired on the song by Billie Eilish


Inspired on the movie by Greta Gerwig

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